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Honor their momentous occasion with the Graduation Bundle! With four personalized options, you can make sure the graduate in your life gets exactly what they deserve. Email us their size, preferred scrub color, and favorite colors, and let us take care of the rest. Make this graduation extra special and show them your appreciation with this graduation bundle!

Option1: Littmann Classic 3 stethoscope, Compression Socks,
2 Scrub sets, Undershirt, Tote Bag, Nursing Shoes, Pulse Oximeter. BP Cuff, Pen light, Badge Reels, Bandage Scissor

Option 2: Clinical Stethoscope (NOT LITTMANN), 2 scrub sets, BP Cuff, Pen light, Undershirt, Pulse oximeter, Badge reel, Compression sock, Tote bag, Nursing shoes, Bandage scissor.

Option 3: One scrub set, pen light, pulse oximeter, badge reel, compression sock, tote bag, bandage scissor

Option 4: GIFT CARD Just select amount you wanting to purchase. $50-$250.00
(Expires in 2 years)